Brief about achievements of the confederation under leadership of Dr. Udit Raj

Questions are being raised that Dr. Udit Raj has changed; he has become weak. Nothing should be expected from him. What are the reasons behind this? Those who demean the great work of the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations are biased on account of sub – casteism or jealousy. For satisfaction of their egos, small organizations of 2-3 people are created, which leads to division of power and cheating of society. At least, Dalits and the other oppressed should have complete information before forming any further opinion about us.

The achievements of the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations under the leadership of Dr. Udit Raj over more than the last 18 years are not even close to being equaled by any other organization or leader. Instead of going into detail, a brief about such activities is being given below. The Confederation challenges any other organization to either discuss or write about their works for society. Only some achievements are given below.

1.In 1997, 5 anti reservation orders were issued; the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations was formed for withdrawal of these orders. In 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000, massive agitations and rallies were organized due to which 81st, 82nd and 85th Constitutional Amendments were passed and reservation was saved.

2. Despite severe opposition from the Government, on 4th November 2001, lacs of people were converted to Buddhism. Ram Raj changed his name to Udit Raj, which proves an attempt to break free of the shackles of the caste system as well as initiate actual cultural and social change.

3. When Government jobs started drying up, we raised the demand for reservation in the private sector. When this issue gathered steam, some leaders feared for their own survival and started opposing our demands. Due to the pressure created by the Confederation, the Manmohan Singhs Government formed an empowered Group of Ministers under the leadership of Shri Sharad Pawar to formulate policies for reservation in promotion. At the time we had not received necessary support from society, otherwise it was very likely that we would have gott reservation in promotion by now.

4.When OBCs got reservation in higher education in 2006, then the casteists started opposing this as well. The Confederation fought for reservation and finally, reservation for OBCs Was saved.

5. The Confederation has raised issues of Dalit exploitation and caste system at various international forums, including the US Congress, United Nations Human Rights Conference etc.

6. In 2006, when the Nagaraj case appeared before the Supreme Court, the Confederation and Dr. Udit Raj fought to save reservation in promotion. In the entire country, did any other leader or organization fight for this? If Dr. Udit Raj had not fought at that time, then perhaps reservation in promotion would have ended at that time itself. This debate arose due to the 85th Constitutional Amendment, to fight which the Confederation even went up to the Supreme Court. On 4th January 2011, the Lucknow High Court struck down reservation in promotion. The High Court judgment however gave enough scope for State Governments to continue reservation in promotion by fulfilling the Nagaraj case conditions; while the Rajasthan Government formed a committee and saw to it that reservation in promotion continued – why did the Mayawati Government in Uttar Pradesh not do the same? The greed of upper caste votes led Mayawati to send this issue to the Supreme Court, which affirmed the High Court decision. We tried to see to it that the case was not referred to the Supreme Court, but the BSP Government did not allow that to happen. Just think about who has created the problems in reservation in promotion.

7. In 2011, the entire country supported Anna Hazare’s agitation for a Lokpal Bill; it was only the Confederation which asked if Dalits, tribals and backwards had any role to play in the Lokpal. According to demands raised then, Parliament proceedings, Supreme Court, Prime Minister’s Office, and CBI etc. would have all come under the ambit of the Lokpal. When we raised the issue of reservation in Lokpal, then Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare lost all interest in getting the Bill passed. If the Confederation had stayed silent, then perhaps the Lokpal Bill would have been passed and the Lokpal would have had extra – Constitutional powers to the dilute the rights of India’s women, Dalits and backwards as higher judiciary is doing now. We created the Bahujan Lokpal Bill for reservation, and this demand was accepted as well.

8.Till now, we have saved jobs of thousands of employees and fought tooth and nail to remove discrimination faced by lacs of others; this is why lacs of people flock to the call of the Confederation. The Confederation issues an open challenge that if any organization has done as much; then please let us know or let us know where we went wrong.

It is mostly those who have done nothing and have nothing better to do who discuss such issues. Many question why another Ambedkar could not come into being; how can there be another Ambedkar when our people are engaged in pulling their ownleaders down? It is impossible to compare anyone to Ambedkar, but an impartial viewer must agree that the Confederation has taken some steps to fulfill his vision, and will continue to do so. The target is to make 10 lac members of the Confederation.

The number of issues related to Dalits which Dr. Udit Raj has raised in Parliament, no one come even close. Not even vacancies created due to retirement are being filled; leave aside hopes of recruitment based on increased percentage of population. The contract system and outsourcing have almost killed reservation. Problems due to denial of reservation in  promotion are increasing every day.

Darkness surrounding reservation is increasing drastically; it is high time for us to unite and fight for our rights. In general, Amedkarites believe in Lord Buddha. He had said that what is not proved should not be believed; Lord Buddha had even said that his own teachings should not be believed until they are proven. This is for those who discuss about the sacrifices of members of the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations without knowing the value of their sacrifices and achievements. Have we made a mistake by joining the BJP? Have we stopped talking about Dalit issues, are we fulfilling our own selfishness? Dr. Ambedkar criticized the Congress his entire life. When Dr. Ambedkar lost his seat in the Constituent Assembly due to the partition of India, then the Congress asked its Minister Peepul Jaikar to resign, and Dr. Ambedkar was given his seat and sent to the Constituent Assembly. After this, Dr. Ambedkar not only became the Law Minister of India, but also the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution. Dr. Ambedkar fought for Dalits while being in Congress; has Dr. Raj stopped fighting for Dalits while in the BJP? Is this wrong? The number of issues he has raised in Parliament, and the number of works he has done; if any impartial person sees them, then he cannot remain without praising Dr. Udit Raj’s commitment towards empowerment of Dalits.