About Mission

The concept of the word ‘Mission” for SC/ST people is most confused, twisted and mis-used. In the 1970s and 1980s, it was necessary to emotionalize the SC/ST people to unite them for struggle. Rhetoric like blaming upper caste people for exploitation and all kinds of discrimination over the centuries were the techniques to mobilize for a mission. At that time, Dalits were in a dormant stage. Time has changed and hence methods and ways of empowering Dalits should be changed accordingly. Still some organizations are doing the same by quoting social reformers and accusing only Brahmanism. Hitler also diverted the minds of Germans against Jews and got the people united. RSS united Hindus by blaming Muslims. These so called organizations in the name of Mission and change in the system keep on attacking Brahmanism and getting funds and people mobilized for decades. Sometimes they use terminologies like Mul Niwasi, Bahujan and Aryans, etc. It is true that common masses get mobilized on rhetoric, fiery speeches, false promises and targets. They have perfected the art to create an enemy so that Dalits go on getting mobilized around them. Unfortunately Muslims also do the same thing. When elections come, they choose friends on seeing the enemy i.e. VHP and RSS and hardly fight for their rights. Is it a mission or confusion? Of course, Brahmanism is the root cause of the exploitation of Bahujans but without undertaking constructive tasks, how are these people going to be empowered? Empowerment cannot come by only criticism and hurling abuses.

These so-called missionary organizations are as dangerous as Brahmanism. Unfortunately some employees also get carried away by such master minds, the so called missionary leaders. Now the time has come to go for audit and evaluation of the activities of all organizations including ours. Merely by quoting that Brahmins are occupying all important positions will not help us in any way unless we carve out a bypass for ourselves. No doubt Brahmanism is a stumbling block for our dignity, respect, participation and empowerment, which we repeatedly talk about. We must create a bypass so that we are parallel to them or go ahead of them. The Confederation by doing constructive work has cherished the mission as envisaged by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Jyotiba Phule, Periyar, Sahuji Maharaj, etc. We believe in increasing our strength and seeking positions rather than only accusing Brahmanism and the so called upper caste people. We have about 600 districts in the country and 6 lakh villages, 29 States and seven Union Territories. The presence of the Confederation in all States and many Union Territories proves that we have a network throughout the country. About 300 districts in the country are covered and by the end of December 2012, we will be expanding our organization in another 50 districts. Had these so-called missionary organizations which are mainly active among employees, not confused and diverted their minds, our strength would have increased more and by now we would have become a formidable alternative to Brahamanical forces. We have majority but minorities are ruling the roost. Without constructive work and definite programmes, we cannot have dignity, rights and share in economic and political power. The easiest way to mobilize Dalits and funds is by accusing the enemy without accountability. They are enjoying the power of money and popularity just by pointing fingers at enemies. Merely by forming an organization does not solve the problem as it is happening. Not only Brahmanical forces are our enemies but our so-called missionary organizations are also our enemies. They are dividing the society in the name of Mission. Another danger of the mission is mobilization of Dalits on caste lines. Dr. Ambedkar stood for annihilation of caste. What a paradox that on one hand these so-called SC/ST activists claim to believe in the ideology of Dr. Ambedkar but on the other hand, they are engaged in caste consolidation for their selfish interests. If this growing tendency is not checked, we will not need any enemies from outside, rather we will be destroying each other. Some so-called Ambedkerites are openly preaching the theory of casteidentity. How shamelessly they call themselves as Ambedarites, who stood for demolition of caste system. So, time has come to know the enemies both from within and outside.

When these critiques don’t find any fault with us, they make false allegations that I have floated Indian Justice Party. The confederation is non- political organization and we have never compelled anybody to join politics and employees can’t do also. I can’t lie and do corruption and politics needs huge black money, manipulation and caste consolidation and hence it is difficult to get political success. I don’t want success at the cost of society, however, through political success I can serve the society in better way. In Parliament and Assemblies, our politicians do nothing and have become stooges of their political bosses. One should bother about results and not what other activities I am undertaking.