About Private Sector

We were the first to raise the issue of reservation in the private sector. Not only opposition was met from the so-called upper caste people but from big Dalit leaders and the so-called missionary organizations that we are helping privatization. These duffers should know that a giant country like Russia could not stop the storm of privatization and liberalization and even China had to yield. We have strong left parties in India whose main task is to fight against private wealth and property. Are they not stooges of the Brahamanical forces by criticizing us that we fight for reservation in private sector? We know that our presence is not there in the Parliament and SC/ST MPs and leaders whether they are elected from the parties headed by Dalits or others, will not open their mouths against privatization and speak for reservation in private sector. In such a situation, had we not risen to the occasion, the voice for reservation in the private sector would not have been raised . What have these so-called missionary organizations done to halt privatization and downsizing of the Government departments? The strength of employees in many government departments has come down substantially. The example of Heavy Engineering Corporation (HEC), a PSU based at Ranchi where the staff strength has reduced from 25000 to just 2500 employees is very shocking. Thus, reservation in Government jobs is getting diluted day by day.The reservation in Government service was a big life line for SC/ST people which is getting dried up and the only hope is now to have reservation in private sector where more and more jobs are being created every day. This will not only ensure the tempo of growth so far achieved by us but will also help in providing training, skills and exposure to commercial activities.

This will help in establishing our own business and industries. To unseat the NDA regime headed by the BJP, the Congress-led UPA government, included the demand of reservation in private sector in Common Minimum Programme in 2004. At that time, strength of the Confederation was felt more and afterwards continuous weakening of BJP-led opposition and complacency on our part made Dr. Manmohan Singh-led Government indifferent. In 2004, a Group of Ministers (GOM) was constituted to look into this demand. Subsequently a Coordination Committee in the PMO and a Group of Officers Committee were set up in 2006 and 2008 respectively to negotiate with industrial organizations for giving reservation in private sector. However, nothing came out. Corporate houses opposed the Government as well as us because they said they did not like quota, rather will come out voluntarily in this regard. Business Associations like CII, agreed to prepare 100 SC/ST Entrepreneurs in a year, 10,000 SC/ST students to be coached in 10 Universities, 500 students to be prepared for higher professional institutions and 50 scholarships. Besides, some other inclusive programmes were also adopted but nothing concrete has happened for Dalits. At one time, big business houses were afraid of us but our so-called leaders and employees organizations weakened us. We have to unite ourselves as in 2000 so that the Government and the Corporate houses are pressurized to bring reservation in the private sector. A huge rally is being proposed in the coming months of November / December, 2012. A war type action is needed .