दलित मठ पर कब्जा के मामले में

Dr Udit Raj, Ex-MP and the chairman of SC/ST Confederation( Parisangh) informed the press that only Dalit Religious Place in Haryana is under attack at Rohtak. The BJP Member of Parliament , Balak Nath, is usurping the properties of Aughad Pir Baba Surat Nath . Baba Mast Nath established the peeth at Rohtak , Hariyana, who belonged to Gorakh Nath sect. He nominated 3 inheritors , namely, Nage Baba, Kanpada and Aughad Peer Baba . Baba Surat Nath belonged to Dalit community and properties evolved to them on equal share. Mr Balak Nath belongs to Kanpada lineage and had grabbed almost all properties whereas he should own only I/3 shares , i.e, about 300 bighas.

Currently, Baba Ramesh Nath is the heir of Baba Surat Nath. The administration has forcibly evicted the Dalit priest - Baba Ramesh Nath. RSS/BJP is bluntly abhohorent to dalit and OBC and this mindset is reflecting in this matter. The CM Haryana is supporting Balak Nath for all illegal activities. A Dalit panchayat was held on 30 April, 21 at Ambedkar Chowk, Rohtak demanding the removal of encroachment of properties. The local administration assured to do justice on a subsequent day but of no avail. Baba Ramesh Nath is a true spiritual guru and can't counter the muscle power of Balak Nath. A Dalit daughter and activist, Kanta Ahladia, president of dalit ekta parishad, is in the fray to protect the wealth and dignity of dalit peeth. Dr Udit Raj further said that her life is in danger because she is fighting for justice. He asked the government of Haryana to remove the encroachment.

Ekta Parishad, Haryana, Mis Kanta Ahladia said that she will fight till the end. She has all documents to prove that Balak Nath is a land grabber. She has all documents and can be reached on 9812037550. Baba Ramesh Nath said that his all followers are hurt and ready to die to defend the dignity of Math.